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Physiotherapy is a healing method focused on mobility. Physiotherapists work with individuals with temporary, or permanent, mobility problems caused by injury, disease, aging or birth abnormalities. They assess clients to determine their physical status and the potential for improvement and change.

Physiotherapy, when indicated, often focuses on:
… Decreasing pain
… Increasing joint movement and flexibility
… Building muscle strength and endurance
… Improving balance and co-ordination
… Enhancing tolerance in exercise and daily activities
… Education about the condition and therapy program
… Providing advice on ways to prevent further injury or deterioration.

Travelling to Physiotherapy centres often cause inconvenience to the patients and their loved ones. We bring the physiotherapists at your home which
… Enables convenience
… Provides personalized care
… Brings about a faster healing process
With our affordable service, all you need to worry about now is getting better sooner.

If patient is suffering from any of the following, or any other physical pain:
… Post Surgical Rehab
… Post Fracture Rehab
… Stroke or Paralysis
… Parkinson's Disease
… Cerebral Palsy, Delayed Milestones
… Pediatric Neurological Disorders
… Geriatric Neurological Disorders
… Frozen Shoulder
… Sports Injuries
… Age related, Balance Problems
… Muscle or Joint Pain
With our affordable service, all you need to worry about now is getting better sooner.

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At-home Service

Our Doctors visit you on the booked date and time at your Home.

Qualified Doctors

Our Doctors hold BPT or MPT degrees with years of experience.

Standard Pricings

No hidden charges. No Overcharging. Standard pricing.

Discounted Packages

Suitable for the issues requiring Long Term Treatment Plans.

Saves Time & Money

Saves your money & time, through Doorstep Service.

Hassle Free Service

Doorstep Convenience to Patients, helps in faster healing.

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