Post Fracture Physiotherapy

Post Fracture Physiotherapy


Rehabilitation aims to help people recover, reach their full potential, and live as full and active lives as possible.
So, if you have recently suffered a fracture, keep in mind that early physiotherapy treatment is critical to ensuring a full recovery. It is safe to begin physiotherapy as soon as casting/bracing/splinting is removed. To avoid stiffness and restrictions in movement later, it is safe to begin with mild range of motion exercises while wearing the cast/splints.

Physiotherapy is an important step in rehabilitation after a fracture. You may end up with weak lower or upper limbs and severely stiff and painful joints, even though the fracture has healed well.

After your fracture has healed and/or your cast has been removed, Post Fracture Physiotherapy Rehabilitation typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks, but your programme may be slightly shorter or longer depending on your circumstances.

Physiotherapy can help you return to full function faster and have a more positive rehabilitation outcome. If you are recovering from a fracture and want to maximise your rehabilitation potential with one of our physiotherapists, please call us to schedule an appointment.

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