Shoulder Dislocation Physiotherapy

Shoulder Dislocation Physiotherapy


When forces acting on the shoulder joint are too great for the supporting muscles and ligaments to withstand, the top of the arm bone may 'pop out' or dislocate. A shoulder dislocation is common when you land on an outstretched hand or receive a direct blow to the shoulder joint. Both of these can force the ball-shaped top of the arm bone out of its socket.

… Restricted range of motion
… Swelling/Inflamation
… Stiffness
… Weakness
… Numbness
… Spasm

A dislocated shoulder is a serious injury that necessitates immediate medical attention. If you have or suspect that you have dislocated your shoulder, go to the nearest accident and emergency department. You can also apply ice to the shoulder to help with pain and to reduce and control swelling.

After your shoulder has been relocated, the assistance of a physiotherapist is critical in your shoulder's rehabilitation. They can determine which tissues have been damaged and how severe the damage is. Our physiotherapist will be able to tell you how long the injury is expected to take to heal. They will be able to assist you in reducing your pain and promoting your recovery during your recovery. Wearing a sling for the first few weeks is typical, followed by a progressive series of strengthening and stability exercises designed to return you to participation and reduce the risk of future shoulder dislocations.

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