Physiotherapy for Nerve Injury

Physiotherapy for Nerve Injury


Damage to the nerves and/or surrounding tissue causes Nerve Injuries. This is frequently caused by nerve trauma or compression. The brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) are linked to the limbs and organs by nerves. Depending on the type of injury, a nerve injury can be complete or incomplete, resulting in partial or total loss of motor and sensory function.

… Vehicle Accident
… Fall or Burns
… Knife or Gunshot Wounds
… Extended Period Pressure on Nerves

… Muscle Weakness
… Feeling Loss
… Abnormal Sensation
… Tingling Pain or Burning Pain
… Muscle Control Issues
… Reduced Range of Motion in the affected Joint

Soft tissue and other musculoskeletal damage are frequently associated with Nerve Injury. Physiotherapy treatment will concentrate on all affected tissues and assist you in regaining full recovery as soon as possible. Treatment with neurological physiotherapy can stimulate sensory and motor receptors, allowing you to perform tasks to the best of your ability. Physiotherapy should begin as soon as possible after surgery to ensure the best possible recovery. Our Physiotherapista design specialised treatment plans, based on your symptoms.

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