Pediatric Neuro Physiotherapy

Pediatric Neuro Physiotherapy


Neurological disorders are problems of the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves. Children with neurological disorders may have problems with physical functions such as mobility, strength, range of motion and balance. These problems can also affect your child's development. This means the child can reach developmental milestones later, and it can also affect functions such as head control, crawling, walking, and speaking.

… Head Injury
… Disease of the Spinal Cord
… Learning Disabilities
… Congenital Disorders - e.g. Cerebral Palsy
… Developmental Disorders - e.g. Movement Disorders and Ataxia
… Spinal Cord and Brain Tumors
… Peripheral Nerve Injury

… Mobility Issues
… Muscle Weakness
… Reduced Range of Movement
… Problem of Balance
… Increased/Decreased Tone or Spasticity
Symptoms and severity vary by condition and individual.

Physiotherapy treatments help children reach their full potential and encourage physical development to achieve specific goals, such as crawling or walking. Treatment generally uses exercise in combination with hands-on therapy to promote development. Treatment is very individual and varies from child to child. i.e.
… Stretching
… Strengthening
… Balance Training
… Milestone Development
… Bobath Concept
… Movement Relearning
… Synergistic Movement
… Advice and Support for Parents
… Work on Fine and Gross Motor Skills
… Improving the Quality of Standing and Walking

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